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Project Examples Overview

This section consists of a number of examples of using product based planning on projects. To obtain the maximum benefit from the examples, please download the free Product Based Planning (PBP) Reader. This reader allows you to look at the PBS, PFD, PD and Activities related to the example project.

The examples might be parts of a product based plan to highlight aspects of the planning process or there may be a complete plan that can be used as a template for a particular class of projects.

The following examples are available

General Project Examples

Business Process Bootstrap (to be provided)

Software Engineering
or ICT Examples

Training Course Development Examples

NOTE: This set of examples demonstrates the differences between using product descriptions vs specifications. See the PD vs Spec FAQ.

Creating a Training Course using Specifications

Creating a Training Course with only Product Descriptions.

Other Examples

If you have an example you would like to share, please use the contact at the bottom of the page.

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